Unique integrated revenue management solutions for Local Government and Utilities

Software Solutions

Our software solutions include applications for Credit control, Debt collection, Indigent management (South African focused), Technical maintenance of infrastructure as well as a comprehensive Communication module (sending and receiving messages) which integrates with all our applications.

Handheld Technology

Time is money and we can save you both with our software solutions on mobile technology. Our software solutions integrate seamlessly with mobile technology, providing real time status of activities. Utilise our solution to geo-reference and record infrastructure information through stand data/meter audits, general stand inspections or as a cost effective benefit in conjunction to our other software i.e. Credit control and Indigent management.

Consulting Services

This service line is both supportive to our software solutions as well as to optimise our Clients’ income through Business Consulting. It includes Business analysis, Debtor book analysis, Review and optimisation of Credit Control processes as well as Business Intelligence. We are there for you every step of the way.

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Services & Solutions

A tailor made Credit Control management software solution resulting in immediate improvement of income
A management system designed to keep track of, and accurately reflect, the status of Indigent households in a municipal environment
Simple, intuitive and easy-to-use handheld solutions for utility field workers

A sophisticated and reliable gateway facilitating messages to mobile networks across the globe

A structured approach to deal with defaulting customers before handing over for legal action

An Infrastructure Maintenance Management system which
improves service delivery to consumers
Accurately recording stock items and components used in Credit Control and Infrastructure Maintenance actions
Providing meaningful advice and business solutions for improved organisational performance